Pattern: at bpm

This is a partial HTML5 simulator for playing talas composed on the Tala Keeper iOS app v3.0.

Tala Keeper 3.0 can export a composed pattern as a URL using the tala:// scheme. When you click this URL on the device itself, Tala Keeper will launch and play the specified pattern. However, if you wish to share the pattern with someone who doesn't have Tala Keeper, you can simply replace the tala:// prefix with http:// and send them that URL instead. This simulator will then launch and play your pattern in their browser.

You can simply paste a http:// or tala:// URL into this window to play it. The http version of the URL will appear in the box below.

This player requires a recent version of Chrome or Safari to run, since it uses the Web Audio API. I'll improve its fidelity to the iOS app as much as I can.
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